Leafer - The New Leaf Collection Tarp System

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The Leafer by Big Weekend is the better way to handle yard clean up. The Leafer is the new patent-pending Leaf Collection Tarp system that cuts your leaf collection and bagging time in half. The Leafer is the only reinforced nylon tarp with integrated aluminum poles that allows you to collect, compress, and load leaves neatly into a collection bag. The poles keep the tarp flat on the ground to make collection easy and the poles provide full-width structure for compressing leaves, loading a leaf bag, and for carrying debris to the curb or compost pile.

We've all used tarps for leaf and yard waste collection but tarps are bulky and cumbersome. The sides don’t stay in place for raking. And you have to drag them around, damaging your garden. And tarps can't actually help you lift the leaves into a bag. All of these problems are solved with the exclusive new Leafer. And the Leafer makes the job even easier with the patent pending quick release top panel so you can trap and compress the maximum amount of leaves into each bag while also protecting your hands and arms from pokes and scrapes. The Leafer works with a variety of bags from 30 gallon paper bags, large plastic bags and up to 80 gallon reusable yard waste bags.

Around the garden, the Leafer’s integrated handles give you a new way to gather and pick up all types of yard waste easily, without risking damage to your lawn dragging a bulky tarp.

The Leafer is designed to last a lifetime, all the wear points are double-stitched and reinforced, the aluminum poles will never corrode, and the ripstop nylon is strong and lightweight. Get more out of your lawn and garden time, order your Leafer by Big Weekend today.



SIZED RIGHT:  The Leafer measures 57" x 63" or roughly 25 square feet to make it easy to collect a medium to large size leaf pile in a single step. The size is also ideal for carrying yard debris to the curb or compost pile.

LEAF AND DEBRIS CLEANUP MADE EASY: Cut the effort and time needed to collect and bag leaves in half with the new Leaf Collection Tarp System by Big Weekend. The Leafer's exclusive new design eliminates bulky and cumbersome tarps to make yard cleanup easy

TWO COLLECTION & BAGGING INNOVATIONS: Aluminum poles let you roll and compress leaves for easy insertion into a paper or reusable yard waste bag. The quick-release top panel lets you trap and compress the leaves to fully pack each bag without tearing

LESS MESS IN LESS TIME: With the Leafer, collecting leaves is no longer messy and time consuming. Skip the endless bend, scoop and stuff where more leaves spill than wind up in the bag. One Leafer load packs an entire leaf bag in single tidy step

THE SYSTEM: Just pile on leaves and bring the handles together to roll them down, compressing the pile. The Leafer is now ready to carry or you can insert the Leafer into a bag. Release the top panel for a final compression and the Leafer pulls out cleanly

COLLECT AND CARRY DEBRIS: Bulky and cumbersome tarps put your garden at risk with dragging heavy loads in and around your lawn and beds. The Leafer's size and integrated handles let you easily lift yard debris for a risk-free trip to the compost pile

SPECS AND QUALITY ASSURANCE: 100% rip stop nylon with double stitched reinforced corners and edges. Imported. Backed by Big Weekend against defects for 3 years. We build the gear we want to use and believe you'll enjoy the results, order the Leafer today.


User Guide

Download your Leafer Assembly Sheet:  Leafer User Guide.pdf


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Bernie B.
Thank you for a happier leaf raking husband!

My husband LOVES your product - I’ve never heard him finish a leaf job and say something nice (“Wow I wasn’t working against myself getting all that %@$& raked up - that is one smart invention!”

Nancy kramer

We are still waiting. It has not arrived.
-Update: Order shipped Oct. 7, 2021. Thank you for your pre-order!